July 12 - 15, 2021 - Transamerica Expo Center - São Paulo - Brazil

Reverse Logistics Debate

Reverse Logistics:
Debate at Latin American Electronics

Brazil needs to improve its numbers: The country produces 1,5 million tonnes of electronic waste per year and recycles only 3%.

Debate about reverse logistics will take place in the auditorium of Latin American Electronics. The registration is free.

Experts and Environment Secretary of States will speak

On the agenda, the application of law 12305, which instituted the National Solid Waste Policy and the Sectoral Agreement for Reverse Logistics of Electronics, ratified with the decree signed last February.

The event will also discuss how the electronics industry and retailers should prepare for the correct collection and disposal of electronics, batteries and portable batteries, the government's positioning and the actions in progress.

The opportunity is ideal to exchange of ideas and experiences on the subject, although there is still no definition of rules and goals for the electronics sector.


Mediator: Green Eletron
Venue: Latin American Electronics 2021 auditorium.
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